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"Best mind-body healers. How to get this healthy." San Francisco, January 2010


A bestselling author on how he keeps scoring goals

"Po Bronson isn’t just a prol­ific author (most recently of NurtureShock, reviewed in San Francisco’s October 2009 issue)—he’s also a soccer addict. But when his cast was removed after a broken wrist finally healed, he was still in work- and sport-compromising pain. Naturally, he called his "miracle worker," massage therapist Ron Spinhoven, of Interactive Healing Arts, whose soft-tissue, neuromuscular work speedily resolves Bronson’s game-day ailments. Spinhoven’s devotees, many of them tied-to-the-computer-screen business types, credit him with vanquishing everything from persistent migraines and RSI to back and joint pain."

Ron Spinhoven, BA, CMT, CNMT

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